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The Okehampton Choral Society and Orchestra are presenting a very special programme for their next concert on Saturday 16th March in All Saints’ Parish Church, Okehampton.

The opening work is Mozart’s “Solemn Vespers” dating from 1780, when the 24 year old composer was in the employment of the Cardinal Archbishop of Salzburg. The “Laudate Dominum” is the most famous part of the work which, taken as a whole, is full of surprises and passages of sublime beauty. In contrast, Haydn’s delightful “Maria Theresa Mass” of 1799 comes from the end of his long career as composer to the successive Princes of Esterhazy. By this time, he was the most celebrated composer in the world and basking in the success of his two visits to England. The concert falls on the eve of St Patrick’s Day and to celebrate this, the Society will be giving the premiere performance of an exciting new piece for choir and orchestra “The Prayer of St Patrick” by the society’s conductor, the composer Andrew Wilson, who has recently been to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris to hear his “La Rosace” warmly received in the French capital.

The choir will be accompanied by a full orchestra led by Paul Mathews and will be joined by a starry line up of professional soloists: Margaret Aagesen Hughes (soprano), Louise Mott (mezzo soprano), Andrew Henley (tenor) and Julian Rippon (bass).

Refreshments will be served after the concert.
Tickets are £10 (students £5) and can be purchased from “Cargo Cult” (the Arcade, Okehampton) or on the door.


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All Saints, Okehampton