Godparents and Doughnut Sunday

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Godparents Day and Doughnut Sunday 6th May

What is the connection between Godparents Day and Doughnut Sunday on the face of it not alot - both are being Celebrated at 'All Saints Church' (the one at the top of the hill) Okehampton on Sunday 6th May at their 11am service. The first ever Sunday to celebrate the unique role of Godparents took place in 2016.

t is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that Godparents contribute to the amazing journey of faith. Parents, Godparents and the whole family are invited to join us to celebrate your child's baptism whenever it was, and wherever it was. It is also a moment for all in the congregation who are godparents or godchildren to pray for one another and to renew their baptism promises, and to reaffirm the precious bond between parent, godparent and child.

Doughnut Sunday is fast becoming a tradition at 'All Saints' Parish Church, and so there will be an opportunity, at the end of this 'All Age' special service for everyone, to enjoy a doughnut with their coffee. The doughnut is first found in a cookbook written in 1800, by an English Baroness which had a receipt in it for dow-nuts.

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