The Northmoor Team Ministry

We belong to the Church of England and are part of the Diocese of Exeter. There are currently fourteen active churches, including a 'Chapel of Ease' within the Okehampton and Northmoor Churches Team Ministry. There is also 'St Mary's' of Ashbury which does not have services on a regular basis.

What we stand for

We are proud to be part of the Christian Church around the world and to affirm our unity with other Churches in the town. We understand the purpose of the Church to be:

Telling the good news of God's love for the world as shown to us in Jesus Christ.

Enabling Christians to grow in their understanding of God and of their faith

Playing our full part in the life of the town, helping it to be a safe and healthy community, seeking ways to put our faith into practice.

Recognising injustice in all its forms, speaking out against it and seeking to overcome it.

Acknowledging our responsibility for the created world and trying to live in a sustainable way.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful churches.

If you would like to speak with or contact anyone about our churches or our ministry, please click here. We look forward to hearing from you.

For all information on Churches - location, directions, Service timings, etc; please click on the 'Churches' link. For other Churches please look at the 'Links' page.



Plans have been approved to convert the area in the photograph, which is located at the intersection of the four paths in the 1928 churchyard, into a quiet seated sanctuary. This will involve the removal of the old bench and replace it with four contoured benches on concrete bases around the tree stump. A crown made of either sweet chestnut or cedar with a prayer carved into it will be attached to the top of the tree stump. There will also be two signs to guide people to the Sanctuary from the car park and from the 1928 churchyard lychgate.
Planned primarily as a quiet, tranquil place for prayer, reflection and remembrance the Sanctuary will also be an important place to raise the awareness and importance of sacred places within the local community by encouraging its use for community events involving music, storytelling, folklore, poetry, writing, reading, art and photography to name a few.
Due to its location and the abundance of wildlife surrounding it the Sanctuary will be a place where people can come to sit quietly and connect with the natural world receiving all of the associated health and wellbeing benefits.


What is Pilgrim?

“The Pilgrim course is a journey to the heart of God and to a living, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” The Archbishops of Canterbury and York.

Pilgrim is a major new teaching and discipleship resource from the Church of England. It aims to help every local church create a place where people can explore the Christian faith together and see how it can be lived out each day.

For more information and

We are intending to have at least one of the pilgrim courses running somewhere within the Mission Community at all times and would also be very willing to facilitate a new group at any time too. Anyone who is interested can contact Revd Steve Cook, Revd Adrian Brook or Revd Ruth Hansford to find out more about pilgrim and what's going on at any particular time.

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