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Top Ten Links

  • Hatherleigh (1,685)
    Welcome ... this is a community web site for the market town of Hatherleigh in Devon, England.

  • Circle of Prayer - Facebook (1,637)
    Need prayer? Post your prayer request on the main wall, and we'll pray for you as a community. Remember to take the time to post prayers for others!

  • Belstone Village Community website (1,417)
    Welcome to the Community Website for Belstone - a village on the northern edge of Dartmoor in Devon.

  • Exbourne (1,411)
    Welcome. This is a community web site for the villages of Exbourne and Jacobstowe in Devon, England.

  • Meeth Village (1,257)
    Meeth lies above a bend in the River Torridge near the confluence with the Ockment. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book, so there was an established community before the Normans came. It is likely that Meeth was one of the early Christian communities in North Devon. Ancient records mention landowners by the names of Giffard and Fryes whose names live on in two farms within the parish.

  • Urgent Prayers (1,229)
    A site for placing Urgent Prayer Requests and praying for them.

  • Bratton Clovelly (1,209)
    Bratton Clovelly lies to the West of the Upper Reaches of Dartmoor. A delightful, small and quiet Farming Community in Central West Devon.

  • Dartmoor Towns & Villages (1,077)
    Find the right village or town for a relaxing stay here on Dartmoor,

  • Diocese of Exeter - Twitter (1,055)
    Welcome to the Church of England in Devon. Follow us to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events from our churches and parishes.

  • Prayer Eleven (942)
    Welcome to the Prayer Eleven website. The aim of this site is to promote Christian prayer and spiritual maturity (the two are very closely linked). I have tried to do this by producing Courses on Prayer which anyone may download and use for free.

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