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If you would like to speak with or contact anyone about our churches or our ministry, please see the contact details below.

We look forward to hearing from you.


 Team Rector
The Rev Stephen Cook
 Tel: 01837 659297
 email : e-mail here



 Team Vicar
The Rev Ruth Hansford
 Tel: 01837 810314
 email: e-mail here



 Team Vicar
The Rev Adrian Brook
 Tel: 01837 861580
 email: e-mail here



 Team Curate
The Rev Richard Bache
 Tel: 01822 820536
 email: e-mail here


 The Rev Chris Grasske
 Tel: 01837 849100
 email: e-mail here


 Pioneer Minister
Alison Duckers
 Tel: 07790 345462
 email: e-mail here


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