Meeting 7.30 pm on Thursdays
   (starting with a shared meal)

Welcome to the newest church within the Northmoor Team Ministry!

Who we are

We are a bunch of ordinary people who enjoy doing life with God. We believe that God loves the people of Okehampton and wants all of us to become the people he made us to be. We seek to live out our Christian faith by being actively involved in the life of the town through a number of networks. We also enjoy doing life together. We meet up on a regular basis, usually in each other’s homes, to encourage one another as we seek to follow Jesus.


Introduction to the Pioneer Minister

Hi. I am Alison Duckers. I’m married to Paul. We have two grown up children, Emma and Mark, and two cats, Scrabble and Domino.
I have been the Okehampton Pioneer Minister since June 2014, but have only been living here since January 2015.
It took a long time for our house to sell, but now we live in the new build housing in the east end of Okehampton. I am very excited about leading HomeHub.

Why HomeHub?

Why HomeHub?

The early church came together in what the New Testament writers called oikos. We can translate oikos as house or household which would have included family and slaves. The home often doubled as a place of work so the extended household would also have included business and community networks, as well as offering hospitality. Church was all about relationship – with God and with each other. Interestingly, the idea of God’s people coming together as an extended household was not new. We saw it back in the Old Testament at the first Passover.

Today we are coming together as church in the east end of Okehampton as HomeHub. We meet currently in the home of Alison and Paul Duckers. Just as it was then, church is all about relationship – with God and each other. HomeHub is at the centre of a growing network church. Our oikos does not include slaves (although we are concerned for those who are trafficked) and does extend beyond business and community networks to include social media and the internet. We’re a contemporary take on God’s original idea of church!

If you don’t already belong to a church we hope you will want to come and join us!

Our Values

Our values

We believe that the way we live matters to God. When we read the Bible we find that the lives of God’s people were shaped by a certain way of living, one which we hope will also shape our lives:

We were meant to live in relationship with God. He loves us and wants us to respond to his love. God wants us to know him. He wants us to know what he has done for us. He wants us to know the plans and purposes he has for us and for the world in which we live. As we grow in our relationship with God we come to appreciate him more.

The story of God’s relationship with the world he made is epic! We read God’s story in the pages of the Bible. It’s a story that has been passed down through generations. We all have our own stories to tell as well, and our lives become epic when our stories connect with God’s story.

We were meant live in relationship with God but we are also meant to live in relationship with others. That’s why we are a network church. We all connect with different networks. Community grows through networks and through the relationships we build with others.

God invites us to come and live in his presence. On one occasion Jesus describes it like the invitation to a banquet! His invitation is to everyone. When we open our homes and hearts to others we allow them to see something of God’s heart, something of God’s invitation to us.

God has given everything to us. He is generous and kind. When we give of our time and money, our gifts and skills, in fact, in giving ourselves to God, we become the people that God has made and called us to be. And he will give us generous hearts and spirits like his.

God chose to enter this broken world and share our pain. He came to bring peace and to set us free. Now he calls us to stand with the poor and the oppressed, bringing his peace and setting them free in his name.

God is good! The world around us is amazing! Life is precious! Birth and birthdays, seasons and events, efforts and achievements, lives and memories, all these things are worth celebrating. Even when the broken world in which we live touches our lives, we can still celebrate when our hearts know life and joy and love and God.

One day Jesus showed his followers how to serve, by kneeling down and washing their feet! He was putting their need first. When Jesus gave his life for us on the cross he was putting our need first, our need for forgiveness. Now he wants us to put the need of others first by serving them.

The best is yet to be! God’s plans and purposes for us and for the world he made are good. He is in the process of restoring broken lives and the broken world in which we live. He invites us to be a part of the process and to be open to the work of the Holy Spirit.

A fresh expression of the Northmoor Team Ministry

A fresh expression of the Northmoor Team Ministry

HomeHub is a fresh expression of church. We hope to attract people who have never been involved with church or people who used to be involved with church but for whatever reason stopped. We are part of the Northmoor Team Ministry (Church of England), but we are not traditional church. However, by being part of a bigger structure (the Church of England in Devon) we hope to be accountable. We will happily signpost people who are looking for traditional church, but we are not a stepping stone into ‘proper’ church, we are ‘proper’ church! Go to if you would like more information about fresh expressions.
HomeHub works closely with two other local fresh expressions in the Okehampton area

Good Neighbours Magazine

  Good Neighbours   The community magazine bringing residents of Okehampton together
Click here

Every three months several good neighbours get together to produce the Good Neighbours magazine which is delivered to around 1750 households. The town is growing – mostly on its eastern side. They want to welcome those who are moving in and create a sense of belonging by encouraging and supporting good community life.

Alison Duckers is also the Editor of Good Neighbours. You can get in touch by emailing if you would like to find out more or get involved.

Just Living


Just Living is about Christians actively pursuing justice in our world. It’s about a different way of belonging to the Christian faith, an alternative to ‘going to church’. The Christian faith is serious about caring for the poor and the group works closely with Christian Aid.

Just Living supports the poor to work and to trade their way out of poverty. The group sells general fairtrade products, and Zaytoun products to help Palestinian farmers facing injustice. They can be found outside St James on the third Saturday in the month 9am-1pm and they pop up at other venues and events.

Just Living also joins in campaigns such as the cancellation of unfair debts that keep people in poverty, or on climate change which will mostly hurt the poorest.

The group also meets informally for discussion, reflection and prayer, usually over a meal in the home of one of the members. The aim is to keep its shared life simple, friendly – and joinable! Email if you’d like to know more.